More than a Machine Shop

The Inventors Shop is a full service machine shop that carries your project from conception to design, through rigorous testing and then straight to production.


The Inventors Shop prides itself on being able to develop the most efficient lean manufacturing processes. Our technical expertise and over 42 years of experience enable us to offer viable recommendations for cost effective savings. These savings are ultimately passed on to you. Our facility can handle short, medium, and high volume production runs and we have the capability to complete the process by assembling your components.


  • All Metals
  • Ganite - Stone
  • Glass - Plastic


  • Custom Forming
  • Structural
  • Precision Sheet Metal


  • Up to 20" Diameter
  • CNC controlled
  • High Production


  • 4-axis CNC
  • 5' X 10' Gantry Router


  • MIG - TIG
  • Brazing
  • Spot welding

Punching and Stamping

  • Up to 3/16" Steel
  • Up to 1/4" Aluminium
  • Hole extrusions, Louvers

Design Concept & Engineering

The Inventors Shop assigns qualified engineers to each project to translate your raw ideas into a workable concept. We can create functional 3D and AutoCAD blueprints as well as provide technical assistance for the production of a prototype. We have the capability to work in various materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, alloys, composites, glass and plastics.


During the prototype stage, we create a virtual, 3D or working model of your initial idea. We review recommendations and changes along the way to completion. This process allows us to identify any complications in manufacturing and helps refine the design.

Quality Control

Our qualified inspectors use several methods to ensure precision accuracy by performing first piece, in-process and final inspection on all products. We employ the use of a CMM machine-coordinate measuring device as well as all standard hand held measuring instruments and testing equipment. All quality control equipment is regularly calibrated so that our clients always receive the highest levels of performance.

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